Financial Planning for Widows

"You had no choice about becoming a widow
but you do have a choice about how you live
the rest of your life."

Losing a spouse whether expected or not, is a devastating occurrence; one that no one can truly prepare for regardless of the situation. The impact it has on you as well as the family at large, spans a universe of emotions. During the initial shock many questions arise and the sense that you must fix anything and everything seems to take over. As you come to terms with the fact that you can’t go back to your old life, having support and protection around you while you grieve, can give you the time-out to map out a new path.

At Women & Wealth Solutions we look to give you that safe space to gather your thoughts, assess your current situation and then with our guidance, map out a strategy as to how to move on.

When faced with the overwhelming emotions of your new situation, we advise you to proceed with caution:

Keep the basics going in the household - such as paying bills on time to avoid late fees and interest penalties.

Don't make decisions you can't unwind - You are not in an emotional frame of mind to affect major decisions just yet- especially ones that have not been addressed or dealt with before. So list them, look into possible solutions, but hold off on acting on them just yet if at all possible.

Clean out carefully - Don’t get rid of belongings and papers(especially financial-related documents) before checking them thoroughly for hidden treasures or relevant information for later need. Old stock certificates and bearer bonds for example can be filed in old books or shoeboxes so take your time to review

At Women & Wealth Solutions, we can work with you at your pace and help you gain control over your family’s finances. Mapping out your plan going forward will take time and thoughtfulness which we will do with you and for you as you adjust.

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